Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Babies, Easter, History and Upcoming

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel like spring is moving so fast. The weather has been so much nicer and with that I feel as though the days are going by so much faster. I can't believe that May is here. April was such a fun month with the starting of spring and some new additions that it seems as though it came as fast as it went. The first new addition this month brought was an addition to the McCormick family. Mark and Tori, Bret's brother and sister-in-law gave birth to a precious little girl. Claire Laney McCormick is the third child and the first girl for Mark and Tori. She was born April 6, 2011 and Bret and I can't wait to plan a trip to Texas to see her! We are so happy for Mark and Tori and we are so excited to have another little niece to add to the McCormick family!
Claire Laney McCormick April 6, 2011
Tori and Claire (Tori looks amazing after just giving birth!)
Mark and Claire
Mark, Tori, Micah, Miles and Claire McCormick

The next addition is our friends Nick and Kaysi's little boy. Nick is one of Bret's best friends from high school and their group of friends have always stayed really close. It's been so much fun for me because I feel as though I have gained all of these amazing girlfriends with all of Bret's friends wives. We try and hang out as much as possible and every time we do we have so much fun! Last thursday night Bret got a call from Nick letting him know that he was taking Kaysi to the hospital and that tonight was probably going to be the night! That night at 3 am we got a text letting us know that Kruz Nicholas Fox was born! We were so excited and I could not wait to get to the hospital to see him. We were lucky enough to go with the rest of our friends to see the baby. I was rushing to get out the door and of course I forgot my camera so these pictures I got from Kaysi and Nick's blog (thanks Kays!). He is one of the cutest little babies and I am not going to lie when I held him I got a little baby hungry because he was so dang cute!!! We are so happy for Nick and Kaysi and love you guys so much! I for one can't wait to see him again!

Kaysi and Kruz
Nick and Kruz

The following sunday was Easter. This was our first Easter married and it was a lot of fun! Bret surprised me with basket of candy, some toiletries and this darling wreath for next year. It was so nice of him to do and I feel so lucky to have him! After church we went over to Bret's parents to be with Mike, Bret's dad because Dolly is in Texas helping with the baby. Bret and I had put together an Easter Basket for Mike and Bret opened his Easter basket there as well, but as always I forgot my camera. We went and had dinner at Audrey's boyfriend, Chris's house and met his mom and brother. It was such a fun Easter and I have to say every holiday is better when you are married!!!

Big news, Osama Bin Laden was shot and killed by U.S. Navy Seals. 911 was one of the biggest tragedies in U.S. history and this was all planned by this man. This is a huge victory for the United States because this was a man that we have been looking for almost ten years. May 1st a group of Navy Seals stormed into a compound that Osama had been staying at and after he had refused to surrender they shot him. It feels wrong to be celebrating a death, but I do not think we are celebrating a death we are celebrating the fact that we have served justice to a man that planned one of the biggest acts of terror on the United States.

Ending on a good note! This week my best friend and cousin, Joey is getting married. Joey and I have been through so much together and I honestly feel as though Joey and I are the same person. We are so much alike and have so much fun whenever we are with one another. I feel so lucky to have Joey in my life because for anyone that knows Joey knows what an amazing guy he really is. Joey has always been the biggest example to me and has helped me through some of the most challenging times in my life. I love him so much and am so excited for him and Page. Even though this is a bitter sweet time for me to give Joey away! It is more sweet because Joey's finance, Page is one of my pledge class sisters and I have known her for the past five years. I am so excited for both of them and so excited to have Page in the family! I love them both so much and can't wait for their wedding on saturday!!! Congrats you two, we love you both so much!
Joey and I in Lake Powell
Joey, Chelsey, Me and Kaci on the Rice Family Cruise in 2003
Joey and all the cousins after returning home from his mission in Peru
Halloween 2008 The Grinch and Cindy Lou
Lake Powell 2009
Hawaii 2009
Lagoon with my two best boys!!!
Buzzin's Hawaii trip 2009
Thanksgiving 2009
Halloween 2009
Rice Family Cruise 2010
Cruise 2010
Tim Mcgraw Concert
Page and Joey making gingerbread houses

Joey, Me and Chelsey at Bret and my wedding
Me, Joey and Page at Chelsey's Wedding
Joey and Page


  1. kenz, i love u so much!!! we were so excited u guys came to visit & im way bugged that nick didnt get a picture of kruz with you guys!!!! seriously i told him to get everyone and he obviously didnt listen to me!!! haha. anyways, thats so exciting your cousin is getting married, i love that picture of you guys at lake powell!! your little swimsuit is soooo cute!!! haha. & bret is the sweetest hubby ever to think of doing that, so thoughful!!! love you guys!!!

  2. Love the pics of you and joey! You two kill me... two of my favorite people ever!! xoxo

  3. loved everything about this post. love you and love cute joey!

  4. wish you would blog more! hope all's well cutie pie! XO